Data Centers Live West Africa

In order to support the creation and ongoing improvement of resilient digital services and digital experiences, IOT West Africa Conference & Exhibition presents Data Center Live, focusing on the emerging digital and Cloud infrastructure ecosystem, which is increasingly built on a cloud foundation, is focused on ensuring ever-faster delivery of innovative infrastructure hardware, software, resource abstraction, and process technologies. Nigeria itself has a total of 11 colocation data centers and a total of 91 in all of Africa. In this event, we plan on addressing the challenges and opportunities of growth for the Data Centers in Africa.

At the conference, we will focus on Advancing Data Center Critical Infrastructures, Future Proofing your Data Centers, Data Centre Workforce, Green Technologies, and many more topics of discussion.

About Data Center


IOT Shaping Data Centers in Africa

Data centers are essential to ensure that data is securely kept and made available to consumers as the digital transformation of the continent continues to rise quickly. With several nations spending extensively on the construction of data centers, Africa is quickly becoming a significant player in the global data center business. A number of causes, such as the rising demand for cloud-based services, the expansion of the digital economy, and the rising uptake of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, are fuelling this increase.

Industrial Revolution of Fibre Internet Transformation and 5G Technology

The 5th generation mobile network can support the demands of fiber-optic wirelines. Fiber is more scalable, more dependable, and faster since it uses light to carry data. A copper-based backbone cannot support 5G since it demands more bandwidth and promises faster speeds. In this session, a quick overview at the Industrial Revolution of Fibre Internet Transformation and 5G Technology.

The Green Future – Technology to empower Sustainability towards Climate Change

Operating a Data Center Facility requires a lot of energy; for larger complexes, the required power might reach tens of megawatts. The majority of these locations use natural gas or diesel to meet their energy needs. Currently, businesses are aiming to switch from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy sources. Industries must cut operating costs in the current economic climate while taking action to adhere to rigorous greenhouse gas (GHG) emission limits. In this session we will deep dive into Green Technology to empower Sustainability.

Advancing Data Centers Critical Infrastructures

With net-zero and ESG targets on clients' minds and data centers demand at historic highs, there is more pressure than ever for data centers to use less energy and be more sustainable. This makes it more important than ever for project stakeholders to work together to identify novel and creative solutions to increase productivity and satisfy demands for speedy deployment. This is in addition to rising supply chain disruption and market volatility. In this session, talking about advancing Data Center Critical Infrastructure and a quick look at its major challenges.