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About IoT Africa Kenya

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize various sectors in Africa, providing opportunities for economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. While the adoption of IoT in Africa is still in its early stages, the continent has shown considerable interest in harnessing the power of connected devices and data-driven solutions to address its unique challenges and leapfrog traditional infrastructural limitations.

The IoT landscape in Africa is evolving, driven by a burgeoning interest in technology and its potential to address local challenges.  Collaboration between public and private sectors, along with international partnerships, will be key in realizing the full potential of IoT in Africa. At the IOT Africa Conference and Exhibition, you will hear from pioneers, inventors, and thought leaders as they dive deep into innovative discussions encompassing the IoT ecosystem.

Welcome to IoT Africa Kenya

As Kenya embarks on a digital revolution, businesses are increasingly embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive innovation and efficiency. At IoT Africa Kenya , we are dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements and groundbreaking technologies in IoT, providing a platform for businesses and individuals in Kenya to connect, collaborate, and stay at the forefront of the digital transformation.

What are we rooting for at the Show


Increased awareness and understanding of IoT's potential and benefits in Africa.

Stronger collaboration between different stakeholders to drive IoT adoption.


Showcasing innovative IoT solutions and technologies from both local and international companies.


Encouragement of youth participation and interest in IoT entrepreneurship and careers.


Development of actionable policy recommendations to support IoT implementation in Africa.

Explore IoT Innovations and Solutions

Join us at IoT Africa Kenya to explore the vast potential of IoT in driving growth and transformation in Kenya. From smart agriculture to healthcare, manufacturing to transportation, our conference and exhibition will showcase the diverse applications and solutions of IoT across various industries.


Connect with Industry Experts

IoT Africa Kenya brings together renowned industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to share their insights and experiences. Connect and engage with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and researchers as they discuss the latest trends and advancements in IoT, and gain valuable knowledge to drive your own IoT initiatives forward.

Discover Cutting-Edge Technologies

Step into the exhibition hall at IoT Africa Kenya and discover the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions in IoT. Interact with leading IoT companies, startups, and service providers, and witness live demonstrations of innovative products and solutions. From sensors and connectivity to data analytics and cybersecurity, explore the entire IoT ecosystem and discover the tools and technologies that can revolutionize your business.


Unlock the Potential of IoT in Kenya

As Kenya looks towards a future fueled by digital innovation, IoT Africa Kenya aims to be the driving force behind this transformation. By participating in our conference and exhibition, you will gain valuable insights, forge meaningful connections, and unlock the potential of IoT in Kenya. Shape the future of your business and join us at IoT Africa Kenya .

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